9 Building Blocks for Creating a Powerful Brand

Use these 9 key building blocks to create, strengthen and evolve your company or product brand. Each carry weight. Each add to the nuance and depth to your image as a whole. Consider each when building your brand. They should all support and add to your identity as a whole.

  1. Product or Service: At the core of your business brand is the product or service you offer.
  2. Name: A powerful brand has a memorable name. The best are typically short in length, have an interesting illiteration, are fun to say and/or inspire confidence in the company as a whole.
  3. Logo: When people think about brands they typically think about the company or product’s logo. A strong, memorable logo is important, and is usually the foundation for a brand, but it is just one element.
  4. Tagline: While the logo says who you are, the tagline says what you do, what sets you apart.
  5. Color Palette: Most brand palettes are built off the brand’s logo colors, but not always. Perhaps the logo merely inspires a palette of bright colors, or pastels, or jewel tones, utilizing the logo colors as the base. Alternatively, the palette might be a single color.
  6. Fonts: Limiting your fonts to 2-3 font families that are used consistently across all your media supports and strengthen your brand.
  7. Voice: Your voice is the tone set in your copy across all media. It can be friendly and casual, professional and direct, clever or funny, even raunchy or sarcastic. Whatever your brand, it’s voice should match in tone.
  8. Imagery: This can include graphic elements, photography, video, illustration, animation and icons. Imagery adds depth to your brand.  Whatever your brand, the imagery that supports it should be consistent across all media.
  9. Brand or Identity Vehicles: Where you promote your brand can be as important as the brand itself. Print, web, social media, radio, television – these are the vehicles that carry your brand.