Why Should I Blog?

When working with a new client on their website, I invariably ask if they would like to include a blog as part of their site. Most would not.

“Why would I blog?” and “What would I write about?” are questions that often come up. Along with, “I don’t want to do that.”

But wait, let me tell you a little bit about why you might want to.

Most new clients are building a website for one reason only: to grow their business. They want new business, new customers.

For the small, local company, blogging is a great way to do just that. Why?

First, blogging on the topic of your business demonstrates that you are knowledgeable and have expertise in your chosen field. It builds trust with your audience. In fact, they more they read, the more that trust grows. And everyone prefers to do business with someone they trust.

Second, the more you blog, the more you improve your SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it’s the stuff that helps you get found on search engines like Google. That’s because search engines like fresh content, and a blog provides this.

Third, you can use your blog to provide important information to your customers, like how-to’s and reference materials.

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