Creating an Identity When You Don’t Know the First Thing About Design

When you’re launching your own company, you have to wear a lot of hats. Sometimes that includes designing your own logo and identity. But if you’re not a designer, it’s easy to get it wrong. So I’ve created this blog to help start-ups and business owners get it right.

There are lots of things to consider:
• Your Name
• Logo
• Tagline (always a good idea if your name doesn’t explain what you do)
• Tone (are you funky & fresh, solid & trustworthy, a friendly neighbor?)
• Color
• Fonts
• Business Card
• Letterhead
• Website
• Sales Collateral
• Signage
• Advertising – Print
• Advertising – Web
• Events
• Promotional Items
• When to Hire a Professional

These are just the basics, but in the coming weeks I’ll show you how the choices you make can make or break your identity, and sometimes your business.